The Slim Mummy

The Slim Mummy


This is always the first question I ask when queried the quickest way to lose weight after having a baby.  A family member did it to me yesterday, 6 weeks after having a beautiful boy, and she looks fantastic and happy too.  The thing is, I know why, they want to look slim and healthy again especially at this time of year (summer) and look the same as they did before they got pregnant. I can understand that.

But what’s the rush?

Those bloody irresponsible celebrities, that’s who to blame. Pushing their stupid diets and exercise routines. ‘Follow my diet and you can you too can lose XXlb in just 4 weeks. Oh and also all you need is a nanny, a chef, a dietician, and a personal trainer!’
That’s not being a good role model mum, that’s being an idiot making as much money as possible. And it puts pressure on new mums to be like them. I am totally for exercising and good movement after having a baby, but it has to be responsible. Ideally weight loss should take place naturally through breastfeeding (if possible), pushing the pram everyday and eating lots and lots of nutritious and colourful food, not through restricting foods or macronutrients, then pounding the step class several times a day/week.
See that £15 you just spent on the post-baby fat bursting workout, take it back and spend the money on an activity you and the family can do together. At least the money spent will be worthwhile. Also restricting calories, whilst at the same time getting very little sleep really is a recipe for disaster. Sleep deprivation on its own can have disastrous results on your waistline and your health. Throw in calorie restriction and excess exercise and at some stage your body will just pop. Lack of sleep and not eating enough healthy food does not lead to being healthy, full stop.

So to repeat!

Get out the house, get some moderate movement and exercise every day, eat lots of healthy food,  energise your body properly, enjoy your family. If even remotely possible, try to get some decent sleep. You already look awesome.

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