Dark Chocolate

Dark Chocolate

Question – ‘Should I eat dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate, I have heard that it is healthier??’

Ice Cream Ninja – ‘eh, I guess, in terms of antioxidant quality and also the fact that due to its taste, its not as palatable as milk chocolate, so you don’t tend to eat as much of it. Do you like dark chocolate?

–          ‘No!!!!’

–          ‘Then, my answer is different, don’t eat the bloody thing. If you choose to eat chocolate as a large quantity of your daily calories, there is a strong chance you won’t weight, or at least be as energetic as you would like, because in terms of overall nutrients, you are not getting a great deal other than sugar.’

–          ‘On the other hand, how about you base the majority of your eating around wholesome, natural, minimally processed foods, making sure you eat enough as opposed to too little, lets avoid all of this sugar alarmism that you read and hear about and you enjoy that bar of chocolate if you wish.’

‘Thanks Douglas, that just sounds like common sense’

‘You are welcome’.

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