Concentrate On Your Health

Concentrate On Your Health

I lost a client last week.

Not that this is something to brag or be happy about. It all started during the second week of this lady trying out some of the nutritional and movement ideas that we had talked about.

She wasn’t happy.

Obviously I was concerned.  I was hoping that what we had put together would have suited her.

She wasn’t happy because she had put on 4lb!!!

Ok, fair enough. I then asked her how she was feeling.

Fantastic, was the response!!  Increased energy, best sleep in ages, skin improved, favourable comments from friends, clothes fitting again.

So again I asked why she wasn’t happy.

She wasn’t happy because she had put on 4lb!!

Despite the quite obvious positive changes to her health that had happened, she was only able to focus on one thing. Her weight! To her it was the be all and end all as a marker of success, despite what I and others had to say to her to the contrary. Years of yoyo dieting, had convinced her that this was the only way to measure compliance with a diet and success. So in the ladies eyes I had failed her.

Like I said I lost a client last week. But it has encouraged me to reinforce this statement to every new person that I work with.


By having this as your focus, everything else can happen as a result of this.


  • Energy
  • Weight
  • Social life
  • Brain function
  •  Sleep
  • Stress
  • Sexual function
  • Confidence
  • Happiness
  • Movement

Enjoy the changes and adaptations that come with improved health, don’t focus on a minor element in the grand scheme of thing, that of losing weight.

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