You Have To Move

You Have To Move

“It’s getting harder to keep the weight off into my 30s and 40s, my metabolism’s slowing down.”

Is it?

And if it is, why is it.

How about you aren’t as active as you were in your 20’s? You have a family, you have less ‘you’ time. You have so much more stress in your life than 10 years ago. You don’t get as much sleep as you should. You probably snack more! You can’t find the time to prepare food and cook properly for you or the family. Perhaps  these are the reasons for your weight gain and not looking how you did 10/20 years ago.

 And you move less!!

Now I understand it might not be easy. Family, work, money all become priorities in your life over you, and therefore your health.

And on goes the weight. Again, don’t look any further than you need to. There is a strong chance these factors are contributing, along with the fact that due to your inactivity you no longer eat at calorie maintenance or deficit. And please don’t just choose to fast once or twice a week because that is not an answer.

There has to be a level of selfishness, or even self preservation, where you have to make your own health a priority.

And stop blaming your metabolism. Instead, start to take responsibility for your increasingly sedentary lifestyle.

Where to start? Move more.  Frequently!   Every single day. Five a side once a week does not count, nor does Step every Sunday. I’m talking about moving your body from head to toe many times wilfully over the course of every day of your life.   From the moment you wake up through to bedtime.

I don’t really care how you do it.

  • Go to the gym
  • Go for a walk when you wake up, or do some dynamic stretches with breathing techniques
  • Do the gardening
  • Have a fight(toy of course) with your children
  • Get up and move more in the office. Don’t just spend all day sitting at the computer
  • Do some back mobility while watching Corrie or Peppa Pig or whatever

Whatever it is that you enjoy, that gets your backside off the sofa/work desk snacking on biscuits, and helps with the stresses of the day. Do it well, do it consistently. Do it with friends or people you love if you want.


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