Bin The Quick Fix

Bin The Quick Fix

The number of people who I speak to on a weekly basis who are looking for that quick fix or magic diet is unbelievable.
Instead of investing in our health permanently people are more interested in
– Juicing
– Fasting
– Shaking
– Supplementing
– Demonizing
– Detoxing
I could go on and on with these bu*****t approaches to severe calorie restriction, short term weight loss, but ultimately long term failure. Sure you will lose some weight, but it certainly won’t all be fat, a large portion will be water (low carb) and you’ll probably lose a fair bit of lean tissue too. And that weight will likely come back very quickly when you start eating as normal again.

Every single day we are fed new and often conflicting information on our health and diets. What’s good for you, what’s bad, what to eat in moderation and what to avoid completely. They will also inform you of the latest and greatest way to lose weight (as if that is all that matters) People looking for a quick fix will try them and tell everyone that it is the greatest thing since sliced bread (gluten free, low GI obviously) see

I promise you the short term positives will be massively outweighed by the long term negatives.

HABITS however are something which can contribute to a lifestyle change and therefore success.
Write down your goals, then come up with ways to reach them. Pick something that you’re confident you can do, and when you want to achieve it by. Make yourself accountable. For example, I am not very flexible, so I have chosen to devote 20 minutes every single day to stretching.

When you’ve achieved it, add another from your list. This slow, steady approach builds long-lasting change. Make sure you choose things which you are prepared to do for potentially the rest of your life, otherwise it won’t be sustainable. Try to get people important to you involved in the process. If for example, your goal is to walk so many steps a day, it makes it a million times easier if your friend, partner or children get involved, joins in or at least understands. Sometimes when this support network isn’t there a coach/trainer like myself can be handy to help with the accountability and support.
Ditch the quick fixes and start introducing some permanent lifestyle changes now.

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