Why Avoid

Why Avoid

Its not exactly easy. There are so many diet books out there and so many sensational headlines, that make it so difficult for the average person to know what is healthy and unhealthy, good and bad.

The majority of the time it is a load of rubbish, or at least to be taken with a very big dose of salt. So lets make it as simple as possible for you.


Legitimate reasons to give up eating a food, or food group.ice cream

1 – You don’t like it!!!!!

2 – Morals/Ethics

3 – Your doctor, upon checking blood tests,or due to an underlying condition has said it would be a good idea to eliminate it on medical grounds.

4 – It contains genuinely harmful ingredients, such as artificial trans fats, or mercury.

5 – You are unable to maintain portion control with it. This could apply to ANYTHING.


Illegitimate reasons:

1 – You saw it was bad on the TV/in the media.

2 – Some PT/”nutritionist” says it’s bad.

3 – You read a thing on the internet this one time.

4 – You don’t understand it

5 – Anything you can trace back to health gurus who demonise food groups (careful not to name names)

Cheat foods, cheat days, sins etc are all irresponsible phrases to apply to someone following a weight loss/healthy eating plan. Nobody is getting cheated and definitely not sinning. A healthy lifestyle should be guilt free and psychologically as well as physically realistic. There is potentially enough bad stress going on to be worrying about food too. Make sure you get advice from someone who can help you without placing such restrictions on your life.

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