My Story

My Story

I have always been ‘fit’, ‘physically active’ whatever you want to call it. I have also always had a bit of an ‘all or nothing’ type mentality to most physical challenges put in front of me. Train really hard, never miss any sessions, even book hotels on holiday that had gyms.

The same could be said when I started my journey into nutrition. I wanted to get lean, so I did. I restricted what I ate, I reduced my calories, I trained hard. I thought I was awesome. I thought was being impressive and inspiring. With hindsight now further down the line I realise I was an idiot. I was coming home from work to my family, where my girlfriend had made lasagne.

‘No thanks, I think I’m going to have a spinach, courgette, goat’s cheese omelette’

Then, the cardinal sin.

‘Daddy, we are having ice cream, are you having some?’

‘No thanks, I’m being good’

What that statement really meant was

‘No thanks, I am instead going to be a complete imbecile and alienate myself from my family by my reckless and stupid attitude to food, what is good and bad, healthy and unhealthy. I am also going to at the same time become a bad role model to my children through restrictive eating and somehow make out that this is a good way to conduct myself.

I also got very lean, too lean for peoples liking. So much so that I was no longer good to cuddle, just all muscle and bone. I assure you, sub 10% body fat is not a prerequisite to being fit and healthy, far from it.

Fast forward to 2014, I genuinely feel great, in so many ways.  I am happy, I don’t get overly stressed.  I have just started a journey into martial arts which I love. And I enjoy food! I enjoy eating with my family.

And ice cream!!!ice cream

On so many levels, the favourite part of my day is sitting at the table with my family eating ice cream.

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