But It Works For Me

But It Works For Me

I am sure you have heard this a lot? I certainly have.

People who have managed to lose weight through following either a diet fad or a guru led regime. So therefore, everybody should do what they do. Low carb, low fat, detox, fasting, gluten free, vegetarian, paleo,  etc ,etc etc, blah blah, blah!!!! And probably worst of all, somebody trying to promote to you a meal replacement diet, despite not having a clue what they are selling you. So you follow their advice….. Well great, you have managed to lose a few pounds through restricting something or many things and you have never felt better. And now you think everybody on the planet should eat like you do to achieve everlasting leanness and health. Come back to me in a year or two and tell me if you still feel the same, if you have managed to adhere to your ‘diet’ long term, or if you have realised you can’t and have slipped up into your old habits. The only diet which will work for you is one that is

  • Enjoyable, and does not drain you of energy
  • Flexible
  • Responsible and involves eating proper food (weird, I know)
  • Not mindless and restrictive
  • Does not encourage bingeing
  • Able to fit into your family/social structure
  • Able to make you feel awesome, long term

Find out exactly what works for you by trying different things. The responsibility for your health is your own, not what somebody tries to push to you for their own profit, or because it worked for them.

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