I am Douglas Jay AKA The Ice Cream Ninja

I am a rehab professional based in Perthshire and online nutrition/health advisor helping people throughout the UK and Ireland.


Having previously been a professional sportsman, I have spent the last 15 years working in rehab and the last 10 years beginning a lifetime of learning in the world of nutrition.

My passion for nutrition was sparked by a personal ambition to maintain a high physical performance into my 30’s and beyond. This led me to re address my sports science degree from 20 years previous and compliment that with sourcing the best training courses in Britain. I do not follow the latest trends or gurus, I find the best evidence based practitioners in the world so that I can learn from them.

In recent years my interests and passion have been in martial arts, mainly kickboxing, Kyokushin karate and Judo. I have achieved my ambition of competing in a number of martial arts tournaments and have every intention of fighting again as long as my family will let me. I am very fortunate through my rehab work to meet people with various interests or skills in martial arts which I am not familiar with, and I will never miss an opportunity to be choked, punched, kicked or learn something new.

However, this has all taken a backseat in more recent years as  my number one interest/focus is my family, and ensuring they are all healthy and happy. They have heavily influenced my flexible approach to dieting, meaning ice cream is rarely not on the table after dinner, along with laughter.