Weight Loss/Gain is a Function of Calorie Intake

Health is based on Nutrient Intake

Other than these 2 facts, personal nutrition is largely down to an individual, be it nutrient timing, amount of carbs, finances, time constraints etc.

‘HOW TO CREATE YOUR OWN FLEXIBLE DIET’ gives you all the tools you need to lose weight responsibly and keep it off forever.
  • No generic meal plans
  • No one-size-fits-all calorie targets
  • No HITT training at 6 in the morning
  • Carbs ARE allowed after 6pm
  • No mindless restrictions
For only £10, my downloadable book will give you the tools and knowledge to create your own diet, make all the right decisions and achieve amazing results forever, far outlasting any generic diet plan.



ICN Mentoring Group

For only a further £10 a month, you would gain access to my private Facebook mentoring group. Here I will guide you every step of the way through your health/fat loss journey, using the knowledge you will gain from the book as your blueprint.

  • Mentoring videos on a regular basis
  • The opportunity to network with likeminded individuals looking to achieve the exact same goal
  • Education on all things nutrition and fitness related, including busting all these crazy nutrition myths out there
  • You can ask your burning questions all the time, on any personal topic. No question is too stupid
  • Get suggestions for small tweaks that will make the big impact

Payment would be taken via paypal recurring every month.

For only £10 you can save yourself far more through enhanced knowledge.