Exercise For Life

Exercise For Life

Why does exercise seem to be such a struggle?

Rob Westra is the owner of Skipfit and has his opinions on this subject….


I understand everyone is so busy, nothing new there….job, kids, partner, house, shopping for food mainly, did you get that, where’s this, dad can we do, mum have we got, where have you been, where you going, what are you doing, holidays if you’re lucky enough.

Find time to exercise. Are you mad! When do I fit that in, I hear what you’re saying, when and if you get some me time you’re on the couch with the feet up enjoying your favourite beverage.

Stop for a second and listen to your body, what’s it telling you? Seriously really listen. Apart from the obvious, we’re all tired and stressed at times and some days just fed up. Are your shoulders sore? Does your back ach a bit (hasn’t always been like that though, has it?). Knees aren’t so good these days? But I am getting older you say.

Remember when you were a child and getting your first bike or scooter/skateboard apart from being super excited the toy worked (functioned) extremely well. Remember what happened when you left it outside in the rain and didn’t use it for a few weeks? Everything started to seize up. You had to get the oil out and use a bit of force to get the wheels to turn. What about the bike hopefully not yours but your mates that had been left out for a couple of years, pretty much needed to be rebuilt as everything had seized up? Does this sound familiar? Your body is your personal mode of transport through life and some of you have left it outside for maybe 10-20 years.

It’s time for that rebuild!

Here’s a question. When was the last time you touched your toes with out bending your knees? Some are probably saying touch them blimey I can’t even see them! Doh!!

It’s not about exercise to start with, it’s about moving.


Moving starts to free up all those stiff joints, increases oxygen through out your body, decreases stress levels, improves your mood etc etc all you need to do is google the benefits of movement/exercise, the list is massive. And it all starts with going for a walk. It’s simple and I’ll help you; pick your right knee up so your foot comes off the ground and place it directly in front of you with toes pointing forward (toes don’t go out to the sides or into the middle they point forward directly under your hips) and repeat with the other leg. The goal is to increase this process everyday.


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