In the majority of cases, losing weight and getting a little bit healthier really does not have to be that difficult. The simpler you can make it, the easier it will be to turn it into a permanent lifestyle change.

You need to possibly eat a little bit more responsibly, but not to be confused with big restrictions (that creates its own issues) You also likely need to train or be active in a way to suit your goals. Ideally you should do both! There are also plenty of situations where people don’t feel great because they don’t eat enough, no matter their size, shape or activity level.

Chronic conditions are frequently shown to be aided through a healthy lifestyle and through eating a varied and balanced diet. Long term weight loss is achieved through a healthy lifestyle and through eating a varied and balanced diet. Guess what aids physical and mental performance? That’s right, a healthy lifestyle and through eating a varied and balanced diet.

If you are looking for somebody to tell you about unnecessary food avoidance, unrealistic fitness routines and unfounded approaches to health, there is a very strong chance that we won’t be a good match.

So how can I help?

I can provide structure. I can provide knowledge that I have gained from over 20 years of experience as a professional sportsman, personal trainer and rehab consultant. I can provide common sense advice and plans for people in all walks of life. People with time constraints due to family, shift patterns, stressful lives. People who love gyms, dojos, or just bodyweight training, as well as people who have no intention of ever entering a gym in their entire life. People with budgetary constraints, and those with limited cooking experience. I can provide you with all the tools you need to make positive changes. As you will see from my testimonials, my results with a varied client base speak for themselves.


I will provide you with the tools and skills to create good habits and structure, give you the confidence to succeed by yourself, then feel happy that you have the capability to progress long term.

For just £150 you get

– A comprehensive nutrition plan to meet your individual goals
– Sample meal plans and advice on how to create your own, allowing you to make your long term decisions.
– A complete training or exercise plan to meet your goals (£50 on its own)
– Education on what and why you are eating what you are eating.
– Ensure you have a healthy, flexible, non restrictive relationship with food.
– Weekly targets and challenges to illicit long term changes, not just a short term fix.
– ME!!! Unlimited access to me. Phonecall, email, whatsapp etc Whatever help you need I will be there for you throughout the entire 4 weeks, or beyond.
– YOUR MONEY BACK. Well sort of . By applying the principles and making more informed food choices clients find they recoup the outlay to me within a month easily.

Full price list below

One off consultation.
Face to face, skype or phone call

Full nutrition and training plan with 4 weeks coaching for weight loss and/or health

Full nutrition and training plan for a specific event

Additional 4 weeks

Tailored exercise plan (100% bespoke to you!)

If this sounds like the way forward for you, please contact me