3 Years On!

3 Years On!

I am very grateful and proud to say that my Ice Cream Ninja business is now 3 years old.

Hours of sitting at my laptop and phone writing up plans and answering questions, analysing techniques, trying to help people achieve whatever personal goal that they have. More often than not that initial goal is weight loss. By the time my time with that client has ended yes usually weight loss has been achieved, but so many more magical things have happened.

– Fat loss
– Increased strength
– Improved health markers
– Renewed confidence and happiness
– Skills to continue and sustain for a lifetime.
– Created healthy mindsets and relationships towards food, training and healt.

I have worked with newbies to fitness, gym bunnies, crossfitters, powerlifters, martial arts fighters, people with chronic injuries or conditions, over 150 clients in the 3 years and the amount of learning I have achieved along the way is fantastic.

Because everyone is different.

Not once have I given the same plan to 2 different people. Everyone has their own individual goal, short term and long term, and experience has proven countless times over that generic training plans and eating plans with set rules just don’t work. Possibly short term for weight loss, but longer term over 90% of the time it doesn’t. You put all the weight straight back on because you don’t know how it came off or how to keep it off.
All diets work the same way – they put you in a calorie deficit. We teach clients how to put themselves in a calorie deficit eating the foods they love and manage your weight forever – and never spend another penny on dieting.

I used to always say ‘if you can’t see yourself eating the way you are now in one years time it’s a waste of time’. I am now man enough to say that’s bullshit. Lives change, targets change, habits change. I have changed lots too as an individual and a coach, and so I should. Everyday I am learning and I will continue to do so to ensure that the Ice Cream Ninja will continue to grow and go from strength to strength for many more years to come.

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