I was off work on Friday morning, due to my boys being on school holiday, so we decided to take part in one of our favourite rituals,

Going out for a cooked breakfast.

Sausages, bacon, scrambled eggs, toast and butter, the works.

Now this isn’t an article to boast about how I eat fried food and am still in great shape. Nor is it about how I am having a ‘cheat’ meal or taking my boys for a ‘treat’. Neither is it to advocate high fat vs high carb lifestyles. I greatly doubt that the food was cooked in coconut oil, or the butter used on the toast was from a grass fed cow.

I have no idea if it fitted my macros.

It is purely to highlight normal living.

Now I am quite sure that if we ate like this every day, I may have a slight issue with my weight, or I may be slightly irresponsible in how I feed my children.

But we don’t.

It’s all relative to everything else that we eat throughout the week. Like most foods, it can be eaten in moderation and wouldn’t cause an issue unless eaten in excess. That isn’t balance or moderation.

To be fair the same argument could be applied to most foods.

A snapshot of a single meal does not give an accurate assessment of how I, or anybody else lives their lives. Nor does it suggest that what works for me should work for you. I just know that my boys and I have a great laugh going out for a cooked breakfast together, and we will continue to do so.

We did go for a walk afterwards!

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