“Douglas is a very knowledgeable / professional individual who will put you on the right track – whatever your goal.”

Ian Wilkinson – Newcastle


“Douglas helped me devise a nutritional plan to suit my IBS and came up with some menus to help me get started. Due to my previous bad habits, I struggled initially with changes, but very soon felt less tired, more energetic. My skin looked healthy and for the first time in years, I felt good about myself”

Sue Beattie – Tyneside


“Whilst my wife had been telling me for years that my diet was wrong it wasn’t until I met Douglas that I really started to understand that what you put into your body and how much can significantly impact your life – much to her frustration!

My daily diet has changed dramatically. Biscuits and chocolate bars are now eaten on occasion as opposed to an everyday acceptance and my tastes have changed; I recently had a sip of a sports drink and I all I could taste was sugar! Understanding and changing the way I eat was a relatively simple process over 6 weeks and it’s amazing how quickly you can prepare something in the kitchen which is fresh, healthily, tasty and extremely filling. My children have also started to copy me with my daughter now regularly opting for a piece of fruit rather than a biscuit as a snack.

More importantly is how you feel. I do not have hunger pains as I eat when I need to throughout the day. I do not feel the need to have a quick nap when I get in from work anymore. I have so much more energy and just feel great! On days when my energy levels are particularly high my wife even comments that she sometimes preferred me when I was on my old lifestyle!

Adopting a healthy approach as a family has been key – you don’t feel you are missing out if everyone else is tucking into a chocolate cake. I join them. And we are certainly not good all the time but it’s about ensuring that for the majority of the time you eat the right stuff. Best of all is when people keep saying how fit and healthily you are looking…then you know that you are doing something right!

You won’t get the positive vibe until you try it…..I did and I won’t look back.”

Steve – Newcastle


Speaking as a 47 year old recent convert I can say that I completely agree and with Douglas and his approach. In fact I think I am proof that its never too late to change your eating habits! This approach to food has seen me in the last month and a half not only start to feel great but go medication free for my ulcerative colitis for the first time in years!

Ann – Skipton


Firstly, I’ve got to thank Douglas for the help that he has provided me with. It really seems that I’ve had a wake up call. As a result of my structured plan  I have more energy, I’m eating healthily and according to my other half, eating like a horse. Despite this, I’m losing weight steadily and my fitness is returning. 

Simon Hart

The best thing about the Ice Cream Ninja? He’s honest. He will never just tell you what you want to hear. Good, solid, honest advice from a man who wants to help people get into good habits a healthier lifestyle. 5/5
Ally – Edinburgh

Spent a very informative and beneficial afternoon involved in a group discussion about nutrition and lifestyle led by The Ice Cream Ninja. I loved that he actually allowed and encouraged a discussion and did not simply lecture us. Instead of simply delivering an input and providing a list of banned foods/drinks, he listened carefully to our concerns and excuses/reasons for not always eating the way we know we should. He provide information in a very simplistic and easy to understand way about the wide range of food groups and their benefits. We of course discussed the less healthy options that we often seek out and the variety of reasons for doing so. He gave us sensible and achievable alternatives but was realistic that sometimes we just have a “blow out.” For those occasions he explained ways to offset the effects through the use of a healthy and balanced approach to exercise and our diet the remainder of the week.

I really liked how he didn’t focus on or try to plug a certain diet, supplement company or brand of exercise. He demonstrated how easy it can be to introduce and sustain a healthy diet which in turn will bring greater health benefits and more importantly that is not necessary to do this through costly strict dieting plans or popping vitamins and supplements.

I would recommend the Ice Cream Ninja to anyone looking for a long term sustainable approach to improving their diet, health and fitness.

Claire – Glasgow

Honest, straightforward and it all makes perfect sense! I wouldn’t take advice on exercise / nutrition from anyone else! You can be healthy and happy. Thanks Douglas 🙂

Donna – Inverness

Top quality information and advice from a very knowledgable person, who doesn’t judge just gives sound advice. Well recommended

Steve – Tyneside

5 stars don’t do this guy justice. I’ve been training for 6 years and thanks to TICN, I now understand how to train and eat properly and understand my limitations. I’ve seen more benefits in the past 4 months than I have in they 6 years prior. Thanks again.

Raymond – Glasgow

As said by others 5*’s just don’t do Douglas justice. He has amazing knowledge and advice for everyone out there. I am focusing on eating healthy and staying away from diets and fads which I have done for years with no great success. I am certainly feeling alot better both mentally and physically following Douglas’ great advice. Keep doing what you are great at and we will reap the rewards. Thanks again for all the effort you put into us guys

Jo – Inverness

I am glad that I signed up with Douglas. His plan and advice were great which has just got me into the habit of eating good food again and feeling better.

Louise – Whitby

I’m coming to the end of the 4 week plan that I was given. Overall I’m really pleased. I’ve lost about 9 pounds, but that is incidental really. The main thing is I’ve lost over an inch off my waist and gained an inch on my chest.

Jon – Warrington

The ice cream ninja really helped me get back on track with my fitness and diet regime following a back injury. I had been unable to exercise for some time due to my injury and gained weight and became unfit. The ice cream ninja advised me with excellent nutritional advice and designed a health and fitness plan that met my needs. My back is now stronger than it’s ever been and I feel so much better for it.
Julie – Livingston, Jan 17

I can’t recommend Douglas highly enough!
In a half hour chat with him I learnt so much about sports nutrition and also how to prevent injury and improve performance. In my most recent powerlifting competition I easily dropped weight in the 5 days before the comp without any detrimental effects to my performance (I went on to hit a pb and win my weight category!)
Thanks for all your help Douglas!
Laura – Belfast, March 17

Have just completed my first month on the plan that Douglas devised for me. Whilst I haven’t stuck to it 100% for the first time in 20 years of “dieting” I am no longer dieting but following a healthier diet making lifestyle choices to suit the whole family. Douglas never makes me feel guilty if I’ve had a “bad week” and his regular messages boost my confidence and confirm that he is keeping an eye on my progress which makes me more determined this time to stick with it. Highly recommended and look forward to month 2. Thank you
Hazel – Glasgow, July 2017

Douglas really helped me with my fitness/nutritional journey. Felt taken seriously and very supported following injury and baby no 2. Big thumbs up.
Melanie – Edinburgh, Aug 17